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Interface: ClickActionProps




Optional clickAction: string

A string that will define an action that will be emited when clicking the widget.

There are a few special values for clickAction that will not emit the action, but will execute the action in the background.

Those are:

  • "OPEN_APP" - This clickAction does not require clickActionData, and if set on a section of the widget it will open the application when clicked
  • "OPEN_URI" - This clickAction requires a clickActionData that contains { uri: 'some-uri' }. The uri can be a web uri (, or an app deep link (androidwidgetexample://deep-link) For the link to open a screen in the app deep linking must be set up


Optional clickActionData: Record<string, unknown>

Additional data that will be passed when the widget is clicked.

If clickAction is OPEN_URI it must contain { uri: 'some-uri' }