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Widget for displaying icons.


import { FlexWidget, IconWidget } from 'react-native-android-widget';

export function MyWidget() {
return (
<IconWidget font="material" size={36} icon="play_arrow" />


Icon widget supports custom fonts, but we must provide the font file.

Bare React Native

To use a custom icon font in bare React Native app we must copy the font file(s) to android/app/src/main/assets/fonts. The font prop will match the file by name.

For example, android/app/src/main/assets/fonts/material.ttf


To use a custom font in an Expo app, we can add them in the assets directory.

For example, assets/fonts/material.ttf

Then, when using the config plugin we must provide a list of all the custom fonts we need.

export default ({ config }: ConfigContext): ExpoConfig => ({
name: 'My Expo App Name',
plugins: [
['react-native-android-widget', {
fonts: ['./assets/fonts/material.ttf'],
widgets: [...],


Check the props in the Public API documentation